Care and Communication

Ayurved Cure is a leader to have applied an innovative Healthcare System through technology. Our new technology and advanced healthcare information system have majorly contributed to enhanced patient support system and We at Ayurved Cure believe that in today’s healthcare industry service, support and care must be a prerequisite with an effective patient communication system. In our mission to provide the best ever possible service and support to our patients we have developed the start of the art medical alarm system. With the medical alarm system our patients are reminded through Ayurved Voice Call Alert when it is the time for them to take the medicine. Our mobile based healthcare technology and information system is more robust and patients get periodic SMS alert for health updates. Our patients get all health check-up report and improvements on their email after the complete health analysis on regular basis.

Our website is one of the chief sources of information for our patients who can log in with their account details and can get their health status. Through various social media sources also we keep our patients abreast of the latest health information. Using social media we establish contact with patients and launch various health awareness campaigns to the masses to keep them aware of any health issues and developments.

Services Include:

  • Personalized message reminder of taking medicine
  • Voice call Service of taking medicine
  • Regular medical reports on your email id
  • Regular Health message
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